Raymond Bell Associates LLP is a surveying practice that specialises in carrying out customised surveys to suit the needs of your project

Our core business is undertaking condition and defect surveys, typically within three building sectors:

Sector Expertise

Focusing on these three sectors has allowed us to concentrate our expertise and deliver high quality surveys to our clients.  We provide bespoke surveys according to the specific requirements of each client.

Sector Expertise

Condition Surveys

We provide specialist condition surveying services that can be used for a variety of Client requirements and outcomes.  We are able to carry out different types of surveys as required.

  • Condition Surveys
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Programmes and Packages of Works
  • Housing Stock Transfers
  • Asset Recording and Asset Logging
  • Defect Surveys
  • Repair Surveys



Condition Surveys

Data Reporting

Presenting the data collected in a format usable to the client, is an essential part of the business. We understand that each survey is different, and therefore how it is presented can also differ.

  • Life Cycle Cost Modelling
  • Planned Maintenance Scheduling
  • Programmes of Works and Prioritisation
  • Data Analysis and Modelling
  • Option Appraisals
  • Contractor / Facility Manager Works Plan
  • Defect & Repair Scheduling
Data Reporting

Over the years we have undertaken numerous condition surveys within the healthcare, education and housing sectors. We have a wealth of experience in carrying out these types of surveys and produce survey information to suit Clients requirements.

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